Drinking was fun for me...

until it wasn't


Peer Counselor 

Certified Naked Mind Coach

Founder, Recover Freedom

Rob Wolman, M.A.

I used to be what you might call a “normal” drinker. I drank for fun, for special occasions, to socialize. It wasn’t a problem for me. But more recently, I began drinking for more than just a good time. 

I drank because I felt upset, anxious, bored, scared…whatever. I started to drink more. I started to drink daily. I started to drink more daily.  Drinking began to affect my relationships, health, productivity, and personality in ways that frightened me. I had a problem. I searched for a solution.

I saw four substance abuse counselors. I tried AA, read books, talked to friends. Yet I kept on drinking as I wrestled with this question: Had I become an alcoholic?!  An identity I was not excited to assume.


Then I found a program that was so effective that I now have absolutely no desire to drink. There’s no struggling, no self-blame, no regrets. I actually prefer not drinking. Alcohol is no longer a necessary part of my life. This feels nothing short of miraculous! Since going alcohol free, I am happier, healthier, more engaged, and more productive than I've ever been...exponentially!


I fell so in love with the experience that I decided to devote my professional life to helping others achieve the freedom I now enjoy.

We sometimes become trapped by our own
thoughts and behaviors.  It’s like wearing a straitjacket.

When I removed my alcohol straitjacket, 
I found the life balance I’d been lacking.

Freedom is possible!

It’s easier (and more fun)
than you think!! 


We suffer immeasurably,
wearing straitjackets.

I can help you take yours off.

With Recover Freedom, you'll craft a customized program to fit YOUR goals and YOUR needs

Rob is a remarkable coach. The strategies and lessons he provided have inspired and motivated me to live an alcohol-free life full of passion and inspiration. He is truly one-of-a-kind and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.

- Patty C.

Rob was a tremendous coach for me! He is such a great listener and is incredible at explaining many different tactics. He makes me appreciate who I am as a person and he always sees the positive in so many situations.

- Lee R.

Rob is great man!

He give me cookie!!

- C. Monster

During a Recover Freedom Discovery Call, you'll:

  • Take stock of your current situation, noting any undesirable habits you want to change.

  • Discuss your goals, painting a vivid picture of where you want to be in your life.

  • Explore how Recover Freedom’s cutting edge, client-centered, science-based program can help you get to where you want to be.

  • Learn tactics and strategies you can put to work right away.


I'm ready
for a free Discovery Call!

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