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May 1, 2020


Eliminate Alcohol Effortlessly



Control Your Drinking 

No Willpower Necessary

There’s no judgment, no labeling, no all-or-nothing commitment,

no one-size-fits-all set of steps, 

no failure.



92% Felt Noticeably Better

79% Improved Sleep 
81% Reduced Anxiety
71% More Productive
53% Lost weight

*Statistics based on survey

conducted by One Year No Beer

The Experiment is designed for you if…

  • You are willing to explore your beliefs, take your power back, and discover new ways to reduce alcohol's influence in your life.

  • You want to drink less but feel frustrated or deprived or when you try to cut back

  • Alcohol has caused problems with your relationships, productivity, health, or self-esteem

  • You rely on alcohol for relief but your problems persist (maybe drinking isn’t helping after all)

  • You’re curious about life without booze but don’t believe you’re an alcoholic

  • You drink out of habit or boredom— only to regret it later

  • You wonder if alcohol is taking more than it is giving


Rewire your subconscious conditioning.

 Regain control of your drinking, your life, your health, and your happiness.

Rejoice in how much better you feel!

You’ll get access to daily videos fromThis Naked Mind – videos that have helped over 100,000 people redefine their relationships with alcohol.

Plus you'll receive 

The Alcohol Experiment Companion Journal.


But that’s not all…

The Recover Freedom Alcohol Experiment 

also includes

Plus classes in topics that will further support you in your journey to Alcohol Freedom!



  • LIVE coaching sessions to help you along your journey

  • Weekly Zoom calls where you can interact with coaches and participants

  • ON DEMAND COACHING to meet your particular needs

  • Bonus Videos to entertain and enlighten you!

Incredible Community

  • Join an exceptionally positive and encouraging group

  • Meet mentors who've been where you've been but now enjoy an Alcohol-Free life!

  • 24-hour group chat keeps you connected

  • The RF Ongoing Alumni Group keeps the party going

Free Coaching Session

  • Schedule a session with a Certified Naked Mind Coach

  • Solidify your Alcohol-Free mindset

  • Practice effective, science-based tactics customized for your situation

  • A single session can change your life!

10% of your fee goes to the Recover Freedom Scholarship Fund, allowing coaching for those with less ability to pay

Nutrition Classes

with Teri Patterson

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner,

and This Naked Mind Certified Coach

Founder of Nourish Your Best Self,

Teri teaches about the importance of whole foods, healthy fats, blood sugar regulation, and all things nutritious.


She combines her training in nutrition with coaching to help people create lives so truly healthy that they never again want to use alcohol to escape them.


She's a foodie, Instant Pot lover, a grateful grandma and has been loving her sober superhero life since October 18, 2015!


She’ll be speaking about:

Detox - Supporting your body naturally through the early days 

Sleep - Using nutrition to improve sleep quality

Sugar - Sugar's role in your journey to Alcohol Freedom

And she'll answer ANY questions you have about nutrition!

Founder, Geoff Cox Healing Arts

Mindfulness Classes 

with Geoff Cox

Geoff is a developmental coach, somatic trauma body worker and meditation teacher. He brings his studies in interpersonal neurobiology, holistic medicine, and human attachment to his teachings on emotional resilience, embodied leadership, and somatic healing.

He has trained in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition for over 15 years and has taught qi gong for over seven. He is the founder of Geoff Cox Healing Arts and a faculty member at The University of Virginia.

He’ll be speaking about:

Urges – How mindfulness can help you cope with cravings

Self-regulation – Mind-states to calmly face difficult situations

Movement –  Using simple Qi Gong to enhance mindfulness.


Plus answering your questions!

Author's Spotlight

Sober Superhero Simon Chapple, author of The Sober Survival Guide and Senior Certified Naked Mind Coach will make three appearances, speaking about:


  • His journey through anxiety

  • Sober socializing

  • Living sober with a spouse who drinks


Simon’s simple common-sense approach, sparkling wit, and sober sexiness are not to be missed!!!



Sober Survival Guide.png

And a special appearance by

Dr. Amy Johnson

Amy is a psychologist, coach, author, and speaker who shares a groundbreaking new approach that helps people find true, lasting freedom from unwanted habits via insight rather than willpower.


She is author of Being Human, and The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit.

She has been a regularly featured expert on The Steve Harvey Show and, as well as in The Wall Street Journal and Self magazine.

“I experienced severe anxiety, panic attacks, and binge eating/bulimia for several years. Many well-trained, well-intentioned professionals told me that these issues would be with me for life. Thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth today."


"I came across an understanding of life that changed everything for me. It’s the foundation for how I help people end their own unwanted habits and unnecessary worries.”

lil Bk of Big Change-254x300.jpg


"What an amazing experiment! Unforgettable, life-changing experience. Thank you so much Rob!  Thank you for caring and for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. These last 30 days have really changed me and I am forever grateful."

When I first heard these words I didn’t believe them.

I just couldn’t imagine a life without drinking...period.

“Your life could be so much better without alcohol!”


Rob Wolman, M.A.


Peer Counselor 

Certified Naked Mind Coach

Founder, Recover Freedom

On January 1, 2019, I joined 

This Naked Mind’s 30-Day Alcohol Experiment

I haven’t had a drink since. 


I intended to eventually go back to “normal” drinking. But thirty days turned into sixty, sixty into 100 and 100 into a year.

Since going alcohol-free, I’ve achieved a level of emotional balance that I never thought possible. I am more confident, productive, and engaged in life than ever.  I rarely feel depressed or anxious.

It’s been the best time of my life, not because everything has gone as I’d hoped, but rather because I’ve become the best version of myself I’ve ever known.

The fact that my life is SO much better without alcohol makes the decision an easy and obvious one.

 I fell so in love with the Naked Mind methodology that I decided to become aCertified Naked Mind Coach.

It's the best job ever! I’m motivated by the memory of feeling miserable and having nowhere to turn. I so  appreciate the opportunity to help others achieve their dreams as I continue to reach for my own.

This may seem like an overwhelming amount of content but the purpose is NOT to overwhelm you.

You can think of The Experiment as a menu of choices, allowing you to craft a program that meets your specific needs.

The good news is that you'll receive

LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the recorded content

so you can enjoy and learn at your own pace.

Join The Experiment and take Spring cleaning to a whole new level!

Important: The Recover Freedom Alcohol Experiment is not intended for individuals with a physical dependence on alcohol. This educational program is primarily intended for individuals with a psychological or emotional dependence on alcohol. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment or evaluation. information or suggestions provided by Rob Wolman or Recover Freedom, in this program or elsewhere, are not intended as professional medical nor psychological advice. If you are reducing or eliminating alcohol from your life, please be in contact with your medical care providers.

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